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In 2012, ABC-TV’s Emmy Award-winning “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” filmed a two-show special in Knoxville. Grace Construction was selected by the network as the lead contractor on the project.

Grace Construction coordinated more than 4,000 skilled workers, subcontractors and unskilled volunteers working around-the-clock to construct a more than 4,000-square-foot home for a deserving family in Knoxville with only 106 hours from groundbreaking to unveiling. With ordinary home building taking months to complete, the seven-day schedule set a rigorous pace and presented some interesting challenges to overcome.

Local organizations donated thousands of dollars worth of construction materials like lumber, shingles, siding, landscaping materials and more, as well as food, drinks, tents, furniture and a myriad of other goods and services. Grace Construction spearheaded and organized the effort of the entire Knoxville community.

Grace Construction and its team of volunteers battled freezing temperatures, rain and knee-deep mud to give the Watson family the home of their dreams. The Watsons founded the charity “Restoration House” in 2005, which helps struggling single mothers and their children by giving them a place to live, one-on-one mentoring and teaching them valuable life skills like household budgeting.  Two of these single mother families live in a duplex on the Watson’s property completed by the Extreme Volunteer team.

The finished home for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Knoxville build.

News about the Grace Construction and the Extreme Volunteer team build appeared locally, regionally and nationally. The call for volunteers and donations was circulated in scores of television stories, newspaper articles and radio reports, and workers answered that call from across the county. Some volunteers traveled hundreds of miles to participate in the project from as far away as Florida and Oklahoma.

Grace Construction was the hub of a community network ready to serve in whatever way needed to get the job done. By the end of the build, the Extreme Home TN Facebook page had more than 1,700 likes and the Twitter account nearly 700 followers. When the build team needed anything from construction materials to skilled labor to hot sandwiches, the call went out on the Extreme Home TN social media accounts, and the needs were quickly met.

The Watson family and their new home.

When the build was completed, the Watson family and the single mothers they serve received a home built to Grace Construction’s high standards with every amenity, and their lives were changed by the support of the Extreme Volunteer team. Grace Construction was proud to be a part of this rewarding project. The donation of time and resources was well worth it to be able to help bring the community together and make a huge difference in one family’s life.

Knoxville volunteers and viewers across American will see the benefits of the Extreme Volunteer Team when the special two-hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode airs on Monday, November 26, at 9 p.m.

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